Within six weeks Jodi was able to help identify over $200,000 in operational savings

“By identifying such significant savings, Jodi forced me to step back and examine what was truly adding value and helping ResVu meet its growth objectives, and what was just adding ‘noise’. Jodi’s involvement with ResVu has not only saved us money, it’s ultimately led us in a much more positive direction.

We initially hired Jodi to review and set up our business’ key processes, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, 12-month profit and loss, and cash flow budgets. While we had a team of bookkeepers already looking after our transactional financials, Jodi took on the significant task of bringing order to our finances from a director’s performance reporting point of view. With clarity of direction, Jodi employed automations and implemented processes that continue to save our staff substantial amounts of time.

Jodi and I meet each week to go over the company’s key financial metrics and measure where we’re at against budget. Since working with Jodi, ResVu has beaten the budget every month and I have more clarity than ever around my business’ financial performance.

Jodi plays an additional vital role in our business – she measures and assesses large capital and operational expenditures, provides board reporting, and is ultimately the one who absorbs our financial management responsibilities, freeing our directors so they can grow our business.”
Tom Welsby Headshot
Tom Welsby | ResVu | Adelaide

Working with Jodi has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my business

“I run a small business and was so lost in the numbers. I thought the amount in my bank account was what would tell me if I was making money or not… How wrong I was.

Jodi was an absolute pleasure to work with. She took the time to understand all aspects of my business, going through everything with a fine-tooth comb. She then presented her findings in a very kind and clear way.

Thanks to Jodi I now know the importance of cash flow, how to use a profit and loss report, and how I can reduce costs and streamline my processes. I’m confident with making business decisions and I know exactly what I have to do to reach my business financial goals. Working with Jodi feels like working as part of a team – I’m so glad not to be navigating blindly on my own anymore! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to either start or grow their small business – you won’t regret it."
Kristy King Headshot
Kirsty King | Kirsty King Naturopathy | Adelaide

Jodi has an innate ability to identify and zero in on the key success factors

“Jodi has a natural ability to connect and relate to people. As a finance manager in the local government, I witnessed and valued Jodi’s innate ability to identify and zero in on the key success factors, explain complex issues in plain language, and work collaboratively in developing a plan for success. Her drive and tenacity, along with her extensive experience, will be a valuable asset to any business looking for financial advice and guidance.”
Alex Brown Headshot
Alexander Brown | Local Government Finance Manager | Adelaide

Jodi is your go-to business partner for trusted financial literacy, support and mentorship

“I worked alongside Jodi as my finance business partner for more than four years. No matter how complicated the finance question or theory, Jodi brought a no-fuss approach to explaining them in clear English language. She dealt with people as equals and was always able to demystify balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flows."
Shanti Ditter Headshot
Shanti Ditter | Planning Aspects| Adelaide